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ניוז לטר MULTIVAN MERIDA - לונדון 2012 על הכוונת !!


WEEK 17 (Monday April 23, 2012)


[Translation: Crispen T.P. de Lange]

It’s still fantastic winning a race. My victory in Münsingen gives us affirmation that we are headed in the right direction. In London I’ll be riding the Merida BIG NINE.

We have many good memories from Münsingen from previous visits, and our victory yesterday was no exception. I’ve won this springtime classic in the Bundesliga 5 times now, but the victory yesterday was extra special since it was my first win on the Merida BIG NINE. In addition, Merida took a double victory, as my team mate, Rudi, won the men’s class.

The past week has been especially action-packed in many different ways. The World Cup race in Belgian Houffalize last Sunday, where I sprinted in to an 8th place, was more than acceptable. After one and a half rounds, I was fighting for a third place and felt physically strong, but a puncture put an end to the fight for a place amongst the three best.


On Monday we (Kenneth, Steffen Skjærgård, Ralf Tiede and I) flew to London where we were met by Paul from Merida UK at Heathrow and guided straight to the Olympic MTB race track at Hadleigh Farm. An invitation to two days of training on the Olympic race track reached us in February, and it was like a huge bonus pay-cheque for Kenneth and me who didn’t get to take part in the test-Olympics in August last year.

First round of the race course on Monday morning was a bit of a shock for both of us. There were these hand-made rock-gardens that seemed excessively rough at first, but which with time became more manageable and very fun to ride. In London the keywords will be power and speed, and that suits me fine. I’ll be riding the Merida BIG NINE at the Olympics and will therefore also be doing all the races in 2012 on this bike, from now.

After two days in London, we had Wednesday at home again with clothes-washing and repacking of our suitcases. Early on Thursday morning we left again, this time with Bjørnar and my father as very good company, heading for Germany. Now we’re living in the apartment we always use here in Lautern, just outside Heubach, where next Bundesliga race will be held this weekend.

Bjørnar enjoyed shouting out encouragement to his mother at the race yesterday, despite cold and awful weather. He was ecstatic after I crossed the finish line and talked non-stop in the car on the way back to our apartment. He’s looking very much forward to another race this weekend, and so am I J

Exercise well, and think along the lines of variation and exciting challenges in your physical activities. It’ll provide you with new experiences and is a great investment in your own health, today and in the future.

Pictures from Münsingen: http://multivanmerida.sports-publishing.com

Cyclist’s greetings from Gunn-Rita
Multivan Merida Biking Team


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